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Cannabis for the Future

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The Big Reason Why ALL Citizens must VOTE CANNABIS in Parliamentary Elections 2023.

1. The author of this article, Jeremy Acton, has been actively involved in environmental activism since the 1990’s, with a particular emphasis on research into sustainable agriculture,  future economic trends, and on the issue of energy policy. He has also been a Cannabis-rights activist since 2009, and was Plaintiff in the landmark constitutional court Case which won the Section 14 Privacy rights for citizens to carry and cultivate and use Cannabis in private (Case 108/17CCT. )

2. In this article, I will share with the public information which shall show that the legalization of Cannabis for its energy and material wealth potential is essential to avert an imminent and irreversible collapse of the global and national economy, and its consequences,  which shall occur as a result of the economic depletion of fossil carbon.

3. It has been shown in the book “ Beyond the Limits: Global Collapse or Sustainable Future” written by Meadows, Meadows and Randers , that the global economic status quo in the exponentially increasing consumption of resources and population growth,  is definitely expected to face energy and material limits within the next 100 years, more likely within the next 50 years. Their book depicts their predictions for the future until 2100, which are a result of research using a computer program called World 3, which modeled known economic data on the growth rates of the human population and the consumption of various renewable and non-renewable resources.

4. Their prediction was graphically shown in this slide: 


The left hand  vertical side of the graph is 1900 and the middle vertical line is the year 2000, and the right hand vertical line is the year 2100.

5. The curves on the diagram show a rise from 1900 in all measures such as population, food production, industrial consumption and pollution in the top graph, and a concomitant rise in life expectancy, consumer goods per person, food/person, and services per person.

6. The graph however indicates a gradual and irreversible depletion of resources, with the measures of society’s growth overshooting the resources line as from the year 1990, rising until the approximate year of around 2015 – 2020 (see the industrial output curve) , and then falling irreversibly to an approximate level of consumption and population and economic welfare indices equivalent to levels which occurred in 1900.

7. This trend is independently confirmed by the following two slides which corroborate this information.

8. The next slide is the global annual oil consumption relative to oil resources discovered each year, from 1930 up until the year 2002, with estimated future annual oil reserve discoveries extending until  2050. (source Wikipedia “Peak Oil”, since deleted from the link)

9. This graphic clearly shows that global annual consumption of oil overshot annual oil reserve discoveries in the late 1980’s, and that global annual oil consumption has been relying on reserves discovered in the the period 1950 to 1980 ever since.

10. This graphic is further confirmed by research by various NGO’s and other organisations into the estimated year of the occurrence of Peak Oil which is the point in time of a peak in production of a non-renewable resource, after which production can only dwindle down irreversibly to economic depletion. (Wikipedia. ‘Peak Oil’)

11. Most curves estimating the occurrence of Peak Oil indicate that it possibly occurred as early as 2010, or has since occurred, or is imminent. The consequences of Peak Oil listed in this slide are conclusions resulting from research by the German Military into the Peak Oil phenomenon, and the economic depletion of the fossil carbon energy base of the global economy.

12. This slide accurately matches and confirms the point in time of the estimated peak in industrial consumption indicated on the first slide above, showing “Business as Usual = Collapse”, by Meadows, Meadows, and Randers.

13. In their research, Meadows et al, also ran their World 3 computer program with a view to determining the parameters of a positive future, and tried to ascertain from the computer various necessary policies to ensure a positive, sustainable future for the global economy, at least until the year 2100. These necessary policies are listed in the slide.

14HOWEVER, despite the many various policy requirements determined to be necessary for a positive vision for the future, as generated by the World 3 program, the computer runs all required a fundamental assumption that humanity MUST DOUBLE ITS RESOURCE BASE without creating extra pollution. This situation was artificially created in the World 3 program by the doubling of the value of the resource line from 1990, which is not a realistic depiction of the present plight of humanity.  The World 3 program and the authors of this book were not able to suggest a technological or resource solution for the boosting of the global resource base.

15. In the next slide, I take the left hand side of the Business as Usual = COLLAPSE slide, which accurately represents the past, and the right hand side of the “Positive Vision of the future “ slide, which represents a desirable positive future, and have combined them into one graphic, with a dark vertical line, between the past on the left and the desired future on the right, which represents 5 years of change.

16. Most of the indicators require that, to achieve a positive future, all economic growth must be immediately stabilised at present levels, but the resource line has to be radically raised to the point that it occurs above the economic consumption and population figures. Ideally this resource line, depending on the resource chosen to double global resources, would be adjustable at will (within reasonable parameters) to always adequately provide for the needs of humanity.

17. In serious consideration of all possible resources that may provide for the future of humanity, I , Jeremy Acton, have come to the conclusion that the ONLY available resource that could possibly achieve such a necessary boost in quantity of resources, without creating extra pollution, is CANNABIS. Cannabis is effectively a technology that would sequester atmospheric carbon and bring it back into the economy for use as materials, or as a carbon-neutral , non polluting source of carbon for energy production that, if farmed on an adequate scale, could replace or substantially replace fossil carbon..

18. Cannabis used for this purpose is effectively a choice of a solar powered, water efficient, drought resistant, self replicating, multiplying, carbon sequestration technology that anyone could produce, and which also offers the additional multiple benefits of hempseed proteins and oils, medicine, and fibres as resources, while the part of the plant that would be used for energy production would be the insides of the sticks (the hurds) which, being about 88% cellulose, would provide the feedstock for cracking by pyrolysis into any type of hydrocarbon fuel, or industrial petroleum products like oils, and plastics.

19. The application of Cannabis as this technology for supporting a positive vision of the future, only requires a change in attitude to Cannabis, and acceptance of the Truth about Cannabis, by the State, and only requires regulation that enables the mega-scale production of Cannabis, preferably by all citizens participating equitably in such a production economy.

20The following slide indicates a monoculture of the Cannabis crop, which might occur in areas where existing monocultures occur in agriculture, such as in the maize-growing  areas of the Free State, though Cannabis could be successfully inserted into polycultural approaches in agriculture.


21. The extremely concerning Peak Oil graph previously featured could suddenly develop a more hopeful curve for the future , as depicted here in the slide below. The starting point of the green line depicting Cannabis would effectively be marked as the Quantum Leap choice by South Africans for such a sustainable future.  This choice by citizens decides whether South Africa’s wealth and economy rises along the Cannabis line, or dwindles with the Peak Oil lines on the graph, and THIS is the choice to make when considering what you are voting for in Elections 2023.

22. Cannabis not used for energy could provide a resource for multiple uses that would greatly boost the manufacturing economy, as shown in the following slide, and could effectively alleviate economic collapse, wars for the last of the fossil carbon resources, inequity in economic opportunity, poverty, hunger, unemployment, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, misery, bankruptcies, hopelessness, anger, deaths by illness and starvation, agricultural collapse, and crimes arising from poverty.

legalisation of Cannabis and its appropriate regulation to enable communities to produce and value-add the resource, and interact positively with the State in documenting levies and taxes upon the resource, (for example VAT, or a fuel levy linked to cannabis production for the manufacture of motor vehicle fuel, to fund the necessary maintenance of roads), and which regulation could also facilitate bulk sales of cannabis hurds to existing fossil carbon corporations, to effectively utilise existing refinery and fuel distribution networks, remains the concern and interest of all the Plaintiffs and we claim the right to participate in the drafting of legislation which impacts upon the Cannabis plant, its correct use as a resource, the management of the Cannabis genome, and upon the rights and plight of the Dagga Culture.

Cannabis is a resource presently held by the Dagga Culture and we claim the right to create the regulations that share our resource with the rest of the nation, and we notify the state that usurpation of our rights to Cannabis, and the granting of rights to others to produce Cannabis while still prosecuting the ordinary people for its cultivation and use, shall result in opposition to any form of elitism or favour to corporates by the State. Legalization must therefore facilitate a process for the drafting of Cannabis legislation that ensures the rights and integrity of the Cannabis plant and its people, the Dagga Culture of South Africa.

If YOU support the legalization of cannabis as a resource for all citizens to grow, not only for its recreational uses, but also for its industrial and nutritional potential, then please REGISTER TO VOTE at the IEC, become a member of the Dagga Party of South Africa and support the Dagga Party during election time.





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The 5 Steps to a Dagga Revolution in South Africa

High there!

Greetings to all the South African citizens from all places in our Dagga Nation, who have expressed their support and made enquiries about the Dagga Party. I am unable to keep up with individual replies to the flood of messages so this letter provides a step-by-step guide to help us all CREATE the Dagga Party in South Africa.

We know already that the ruling party does not want to see the legalisation of dagga. We know too that when we ask the official opposition about their position regarding dagga, they do not even reply. The users of Dagga in South Africa cannot afford to vote for parties that WILL prosecute them in the future, so we must make our own way, and be our own political force: hence the necessary presence of the Dagga Party.

I ask that all citizens who use dagga and who support legalization for the public benefit will stand together locally and at the ballots, in our shared respect for the Cannabis Tree, and in mutual respect for each other, and that we will all MOBILISE as one Culture to claim our rights via the next  Parliamentary Election 2019 processes.

Here are the 5 Steps to take to reach the point where South Africa is a Sustainable Equitable Dagga Nation:

Step 1: SHARE the Knowledge!!!

One of the first things you can do is to tell everyone about the Dagga Party and to pass this brochure on to potential supporters in your area.

English Brochure.doc

This link provides references to the medical benefits of Cannabis. The index of ailments that can be prevented or treated with Cannabis is at the back of the document. We all should have a right to grow and use this beneficial harmless natural medicine. Please share this information about the healing effects of Cannabis:

Granny’s list 20jan2012.pdf

This link provides references to the usefulness of Dagga for the treatment of cancer. Access to the medicine should be everybody’s right, to prevent cancer, and when necessary, to treat it:

Cannabis Cures Cancer.doc

Please help to spread the knowledge about the Dagga Party, and the benefits of Cannabis.

Step 2: GATHER with supporters in your area to form a Local Ward group.

The next thing to do is to gather with all those in your neighbourhood who use Dagga to form a local co-operative Dagga Party group. This group must include all who use the Herb, and would be an inclusive group of all races, and all religious faiths. Each ward should have a group, and where two or more wards cover an area, those wards can make positive co-operative contact for the good of their neighbourhood. Where two groups form in one ward, they must amalgamate, with the elected officials working together rather than competing against each other.

For the Gathering you can download the Ward Group Constitution, (aka the Constituent Association Constitution). You fill it in to name your group and to keep a register of members. Ensure the membership info is hidden from outsiders as the Herb is still illegal.

By doing this we effectively reshape the politics of our townships and of South Africa as a whole.

Your group must also elect a President of the Group, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and must encourage youth membership. Doing all of this is more important than just voting a distant leader into a Parliamentary seat, and then to just allow the Dagga prohibition and socio-economic situation in the townships to continue.

Step 3: Check if you are a REGISTERED VOTER!!

While you are at the gathering, it is necessary to determine who is a registered voter and who is not. You can check online to see who is registered by typing in your ID number at the IEC website. Here is the IEC link:

Here is the exact link to check your registration status:

Those supporters who are registered voters can immediately and  implement the next step. (Step 4). Those supporters who are not yet registered as a voter can find their local IEC office at this link, and make enquiries as to the requirements for registration, and to prepare them for handling any large groups who wish to register. The newly formed Dagga Party ward group must mobilise their unregistered members to their nearest IEC office WITH ID books, and register everyone to vote.

Here is the IEC link to find your nearest office:

Once the unregistered folks are registered, they all become agents of change for the positive future we need to see in South Africa. Cannabis is a positive, Earth-friendly resource that we HAVE TO unlock to ensure a sustainable future, and we are the Culture that must stand together to achieve this for our country.


New Dagga Party members must be told when they ask to join the Party that they must pledge non-violence within the group and in the larger community, full respect for women and children’s rights, and also the rights of animals, and that they agree to co-operate and co-invest and work together. They must pledge to not commit crimes against each other or in the community. This is a basic requirement of membership. Youth members of the Dagga Party are required to diligently attend school as a condition of their membership.

Dagga Party members must not steal, nor destroy themselves with tik or drunkenness or other damaging drugs, nor behave in ways that bring condemnation from non-members.

We must ALL become positive ambassadors for the Dagga Culture and, through our agreements and co-operation, become the stable and positive and constructive elements in our various communities. We must ALL become the leaders so that we can serve the Good, each in our own humble way,

Members must also agree to participate in future Dagga Party Ward Group projects in the community. These would include vegetable gardens for all members, the assistance of the elderly, development programs for youth and adults, water catchment management (gutters and rain tanks, mini dams etc.), tree planting, skills training, arts and culture education, etc.

It is intended that the Ward Group will ultimately become the Community Cannabis Co-operative that regulates the production of Cannabis when we eventually make Dagga legal, so establishing the ward groups and our necessary co-operation and communications is essential, regardless of how many seats we do or don’t win in Parliament or Council etc. Politics is not about only voting. Politics is about change and we must constantly BE the change.

This document, called “PERMACULTURE: A Designer’s Manual” by Bill Mollison (Tagari Press) is a manual for positive change for all members to consider and use for development in their own communities.

All local groups can keep in contact with the larger network via the Dagga Party Facebook page, and by all members logging in with a username at the Dagga Party website. Please keep the Dagga Party informed about your Ward Group activities and any problems and let us know how it goes in your local Ward Group. We would like to feature news and pictures of your group on the Dagga Party website, so send us your news!!

Contact the Dagga party via

Step 5: MOBILISE to dominate at the 2019 Election Ballots

On the day of elections in 2019, it is necessary for all who support legalisation to BE THERE at the ballots to vote Dagga Party at all levels. Local Dagga Party Ward Groups will be responsible for their election program in their area, including the funding of election deposits, while keeping in contact with the central organisers and the larger network.

For Local Elections, ward groups must select their ward candidates and also nominate worthwhile qualified ethical Party List candidates. For National Parliamentary elections we will be looking for and screening leaders who have integrity, expertise, and who are representative of all cultures, religions, and areas of the country. Election Poster designs will be sent to you for printing in your area, and at the Ward groups’ cost.

This will be a decentralised campaign that requires everyone to act at the local level, thereby making the Dagga Revolution happen with these 5 steps mentioned above.

We will also ask members to occupy social media and influence the public choice in the weeks running up to the Elections.

The time has come for a Dagga revolution!!!

AmaDaggadagga AMANDLA!!!

Jeremy Acton


IQELA LENTSANGO: The Dagga Party of South Africa

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14 Good Reasons to vote for Cannabis/ Dagga

1. Cannabis seeds are not narcotic and when ground as flour provide up to 24% protein, and all the amino acids necessary for human nutrition.

2. Cannabis seeds contain Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in a perfect balance for human cardiac and mental health.

3. Cannabis seed oil, which is non-narcotic and identical to hemp oil, can be used in cooking, for energy, and as a health supplement.

4. Cannabis fibers can be used for biodegradable plastics, fuel, textiles, livestock bedding, construction materials, paper, packaging and many other products…

5. Cannabis is not physically addictive like tobacco, alcohol, or many over-the-counter drugs.

6. Cannabis is safer to use than tobacco and alcohol, which together cause 100 times more deaths than the total combined deaths resulting from all other illegal drugs.

7. Cannabis used in a mix with tobacco mitigates the cancer and heart disease impacts of tobacco.

8. Cannabis, used moderately, in conjunction with harm minimization techniques, does not adversely affect motor coordination, driving skills, cognitive skills, workplace safety, lung function, quality of work, or motivation in experienced smokers.

9. The estimated LTD50% (lethal toxic dose for 50% of subjects) for Cannabis is 750kg to be consumed within fifteen minutes, a physical impossibility. (Cannabis is safer than sugar!)

10. No deaths have ever been caused by the use or abuse of Cannabis in over 5000 years.

11. The psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis, THC (delta 9-Tetrahydrocannibinol), is useful for the treatment of pain, nausea, asthma, colds and flu, menstrual cramps, alcoholism, Crohn’s disease, spastic colon, muscular spasm in Multiple Sclerosis, glaucoma of the eye, AIDS-related wasting, motor neuron disease, mental irritability, depression, bipolar disorder (depressive phase), and drug addiction and it is supportive in radiation and chemotherapy against cancer.

12. Cannabis boosts melatonin levels in our body by up to 4000% 2 hours after smoking a joint. Melatonin is a natural brain hormone, which is a powerful antioxidant. Melatonin soaks up free radicals produce by our metabolism and which cause cancer and the aging process.

13. Cannabis is neuro-protective. It decreases brain cell death induced by alcohol and other toxins as well as diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and stroke. As an antioxidant and neuroprotectant, it slows aging.

14. Cannabis helps prevent and cure cancers. Lab studies have shown and anti-tumor effect on deadly gliomas of the brain and other forms of malignancies.

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An Open Letter Calling for Cannabis (Dagga) Awareness in the SAPS.

This Memorandum was handed to a representative of the WC Commissioner of the SAP on 21 September 2013.


Commissioner Lt. Gen. A. H. Lamoer
Western Cape SAPS
25 Alfred Street
Green Point

Memo handed to Lieut. Col. Luyt

Dear Commissioner Lamoer, and all members of the SAPS.

An Open Letter Calling for Cannabis (Dagga) Awareness in the SAPS.

For over 100 years,the prohibition of Dagga in South Africa has resulted in an ongoing battle between those who use or cultivate dagga, and the SAPS, who are required to enforce the prohibition. This battle has resulted in great harm to our society and many lives have been lost as a result of this law. Continue reading An Open Letter Calling for Cannabis (Dagga) Awareness in the SAPS.