Australia is well known for its cannabis culture and with it comes cannabis cultivation as there is a demand to supply. Mostly all cannabis plants are started from a seed and in this article we will be going through ways you can choose cannabis seeds and grow for yourself.

Australia’s growing season is starting in a couple weeks and most cannabis growers will be preparing their beds and germinating seeds already. Dont worry, you are not too late as cannabis grows well through the spring and summer months under the hot Australian sun. Buying weed seeds online does not take that long, in fact, it can take a couple minutes for you to find the seeds you want, add them to your shopping card and go through the checkout process.

Choosing a cannabis strain

There are thousands of cannabis strains available. From fast flowering automatic cannabis seeds that could take as little as 8 weeks to flower from seed to harvest through longer-flowering sativa’s that may take months from seed to flower. Cannabis strains come in many varieties with different aroma’s, flavours, structures, colours, yields and effects. You might opt for a hybrid variety that is a fairly balanced indica/sativa like the Gelato or go for a pure sativa like Durban Poison. Choosing the right cannabis seeds for your exact requirements takes a little bit of research and investigation. Dont worry there is definitely a cannabis seed out there that will suit your exact needs, whether its for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Cannabis Seeds

Seed Banks that Ship to Australia

Due to the legalities of cannabis, you might have to purchase seeds from an overseas seedbank and not a local aussie seedbank. So make sure you choose a seed bank that ships to Australia. You can usually see this detail under frequently asked questions on the seedbank website. If not sending an email or a direct message to the company is the next best bet.

Growing your Cannabis Seeds

Once you have received your cannabis seeds all that you need to do is germinate them and then pop them in some soil and water. You might choose to grow your weed in a pot, or directly sow them into soil. This really depends on your environment and situation.

Cannabis is fairly straightforward to grow. It just requires light, water, a medium to grow in as well as fresh air. Cannabis is also a hungry plant and requires good nutrition during its lifecycle. Buying a slow release fertiliser is an easy way to ensure that your cannabis plants have all the nutrition they require.

Buying cannabis seeds in Australia is a rewarding as you wont need to go looking for it on the black market and if you lucky enough to live in a territory where its legal, you may grow up to four cannabis plants as an adult, or purchase a license and grow within the regulations for medical use.

I hope this article has inspired you to grow your own cannabis, and dont forget its not as hard as it seems to grow your own top shelf marijuana right in your own home.

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