It has become a more critical conversation that doctors all around the world have been having nowadays. Does cannabis help in reducing pain, does it take the pain away or does it give an effect that makes the pain more tolerable?

Why would the doctors think this?

Cannabis has a chemical commonly known as THC which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. Why is this compound that important you ask? For starters, it’s one of the main psychotropic compounds taken into the body after smoking cannabis. It has a similarity to endocannabinoids found in the body thus they get to interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors which release the body’s neurotransmitters.

In this way, THC can control the feeling of pleasure and mine allowing the release of dopamine which is the feel-good hormone in the body.

Does cannabis work for patients?

Studies have shown that patients who have ordered weed online and resorted to using cannabis as a pain reliever as compared to over-the-counter drugs have deemed it very effective for use. Some have mentioned that only a small dose is needed to be smoked and will either alleviate the pain or will let them get long hours of pain-free, uninterrupted sleep.

What does cannabis do to the body to “reduce pain?”

CBD BackpainFirst of all, cannabis is a cannabinoid drug. These types of drugs are associated with the following:

  • It is said to increase pain tolerance in one’s body. All that this means is that it makes it easier for the body to handle high amounts of pain easily and in a better way.
  • It doesn’t reduce the intensity of the pain being inflicted on the body. The inflicted pain is neither increased by these drugs nor reduced. The drugs do not alter the pain being felt.
  • It also reduces the perceived vexatious pain being inflicted on the body making the pain seem more tolerable.

Researchers’ thoughts on the reduction of pain by cannabis

Cannabis has been used to alleviate pain for so many years especially when the invention of modern medicine was undergoing. It used to be given to ‘reduce pain’ or small pains like minor headaches to pain excruciating processes like childbirth. Before more research was done, the users used to think it reduces pain being inflicted but recently researchers and medics proved that cannabis having analgesics such as CBD and THC which can best be explained by the term pain distracters. All they do is distract the pain receptors in the body to have a high threshold of pain and making it seem like the pain is bearable or in some cases non-existent.

Any side effects…maybe?

Most patients have stepped forward to state the fact that relieving one of their pain is the most commonly talked about side of cannabis. What they don’t know is that it gets addictive. This does not necessarily mean it in a bad way. The feeling is unlike any other drugs so some people continue to use it even when the pain subsides leading to addiction. Also, they usually need to increase the dosage over time; not sure if that’s a good or bad thing though.

Anyways as we conclude, what are your thoughts on this? Does the good outweigh the bad?



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