The SOLO PRO inherits everything from the SOLO with improved heating performance and better inhale experience. Equipped with industry-leading Matrexceramic heating technology and innovated silicone filter cap designed by BioBaleen Module, SOLO PRO effectively fastens the heating process and capably reduces spit back by 99%.

The employment of high-quality raw materials ensures a high-degree of flavor reducibility from the first vapor to the last. Besides that, the design of panoramic glassy window allows you to see the changes of cannabis oil at 360° view anytime and anywhere. A wide array of extraordinary features results in a much superior vaping experience, that makes the SOLO PRO ideal for a professional cannabis atomizing solution.

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Visualize Your Cannabis Experience

Through innovation we aim to fix the industry pain point, and upgrade our products with no limitations. Matrex technology, the brand new patent ceramic heating technology, designed by CILICON, gives you a brand-new vaping experience. Feel the 360° vision window and V-shape Oil Tank, fix the daily uncertainty of not knowing how much oil is left, and make the burnt taste problems a thing of the past. Additionally, with the CILICON patent design BioBaleen Module, filter 99% of spit-back problems.

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