On Sunday 15 August, after returning from a bus trip to Plett, I suddenly got a sore throat and a raspy cough, and my sense of smell disappeared. The following day, my lungs began to really hurt, like someone was sticking red hot needles through my ribs in all directions. I had terrible muscle pains throughout my body, and a headache.

I did not go for testing as I refuse to be a statistic and I consider the up-the -nose test to be an intentional and unnecessary violation of my personal body space.

Marijuana Saved my life 

This is how I cured Covid:

I first smoked a big fat joint, inhaling deeply into my lungs to coat all surfaces, and my nasal passages with Cannabis smoke. My lung pains immediately subsided and I could breathe without pain.

I realised though, that I could not smoke enough cannabis to continually medicate my lungs so I made a tea from:

  • half a cup of milled Dagga (Cannabis)
  • half a cup of grated ginger
  • 3 rooibos teabags
  • 2-3 chillies chopped fine
  • in 2 litres of water in a pot.

I brought the mix to the boil with a lid on to keep the vapours in, and after simmering for 3 minutes, added a cup of full cream milk to enhance uptake of the cannabinoids. I poured a large mug of the tea, sweetened it with sugar, and sprinkled cinnamon powder over the drink, and drank it as HOT as possible. I drank 2 cups per day for 5 days.

Dagga is an excellent immuno-modulator, and prevents excessive inflammatory response, and reduces the secretion of phlegm.

Dagga is one of the BEST bronchodilators and anti-asthmatics known to medicine.

Dagga also assists in pain management.

Dagga also enables the quicker apoptosis of damaged body cells and prevents a cytokine storm shock reaction to cellular damage from the Covid or any other virus.  Here is the link to prove this, as obtained from PUBMED, the US National Institute of Health archive, which is under Doctor Fauci’s administration. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32872332/

Ginger is a known anti-viral substance which creates conditions in your body that hamper the action of viruses.

Chillies reduce the thickness of phlegm and enable the expulsion of lung phlegm by active coughing.

Rooibos is a very effective anti-oxidant which reduces damage to cells caused by inflammation.
Cinnamon is also a known anti-viral substance.

I also purchased veterinary ivermectin oral drench for sheep and goats, which is my right, and dosed myself according to the instructions on the bottle (2.5ml per 10kg body mass aka 20ml for the initial dose). I took it in a glass of cold milk with Instant coffee and sugar, and it didn’t taste too Baaa-aa-aa-ad. There were no negative side effects. I repeated this dose 5 days later.

I also took vitamin C, Multivitamins with zinc, and Vitamin B, along with 1 paracetamol (alternating with aspirin) every 4 hours to manage the extreme muscle pains. I was constantly medicated on Cannabis tea, and smoked buds.

I was bedridden for 5 days. I took another dose of ivermectin on Friday 20th August, and on Saturday 21 August, one day after my second shot of ivermectin, all symptoms of Covid, except loss of smell, were GONE. I recovered  from COVID in 5 days !! A week after recovery, I took another dose of ivermectin, and my sense of smell gradually returned in the week after this third dose of ivermectin.

I will NEVER take the ‘vaccine’ for Covid, as I have researched the origins of Covid, and the risks of the ‘vaccine’, and I consider both to be malicious attacks on people’s health, and I consider the actions of this government and the colluding press regarding Covid to be criminal action against the welfare of citizens from the very first day of lockdown.

I am now proud to wear my “I BEAT COVID and the NWO DEPOPULATION AGENDA” T shirt, and I hope the above information helps others stay safe and healthy.

This is my personal experience regarding Covid, and this statement is published in terms of my Section 15 Right to Freedom of Thought, Belief and Opinion, and my Section 16 Right to Freedom of Scientific Research and Freedom of Expression. (South African Bill of Rights).

Everyone has a Bill of Rights Section 27 Right to Access to Health and a Section 32 right to information held by others, which affects their rights, so please feel free to share this information.

One Love and Truth.

Jeremy Acton

COVID Cannabis

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