Convened in 2022 for the Cannabis Culture by the Dagga Party of South Africa

Convenor: Jeremy Acton
Co convenor: Andre Du Plessis
Chief Marshal: Hanno Jacobs.
Inquiries :

When: Saturday 7 th May 2022
Time: 09h00 – 14h00
Where: @ 10 Darling Street Parking Area (Google Maps)
Directions from your location 

09h00 – 10h30 Gathering
10h00 -11h15 Networking, Trading and Speeches
11h30 – 12h30 March commences
12h30 – 13h45 Closing Speeches, Trading and Networking
14h00 till late: After-march gathering will be held at Trenchtown, Observatory.

Purpose of the Gathering:

1. To celebrate the Cannabis Plant and gather together as the Cannabis Culture.
2. To claim our rights and presence in open society as the Cannabis Culture.
3. To protest certain provisions in the Draft Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, which
still criminalise cannabis.
4. To demand Public Participation in the Draft Cannabis Master Plan.
5. To empower the Cannabis Culture as a unified and positive Social, Economic and
Political force in society.
6. To highlight the social, medical, industrial, nutritional, clean energy, tourism, and
other economic benefits of Cannabis, and to claim full rights to Cannabis, and
7. To ensure equal participation in Cannabis production for all citizens in the future
Cannabis economy.

GloBal Cannabis March Cape Town- 2015 hosted by DaggaParty and NORML

Note To Participants:

  • Please Bring a Poster celebrating Cannabis and Cannabis Rights. There will be a prize for
    the best poster.
  • This is a family event and children are welcome under parental supervision.
  • No motorcycles are permitted in the march procession.
  • Cannabis use in public is not legal and is at your own risk.
  • Cannabis use in any designated Section 14 Private space is cool.
  • Please do not use bongs for actual smoking on the march as they are at risk of
    confiscation by the authorities. A pocket full of joints works very well.
  • Please carry some snacks and liquids for the walk, as you may get the munchies while
  • An after-march gathering will be held at Trenchtown, Observatory.


This is a legally permitted public gathering in co-operation with the City of Cape Town,
SAP, Metro Law Enforcement, and Metro Traffic.

Photo Courtesy Nicky Newman

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