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logo sticker   CANNABIS FOR THE FUTURE The Big Reason Why ALL Citizens must VOTE CANNABIS in Parliamentary Elections 2023. 1. The author of this article, Jeremy Acton, has been actively involved in environmental activism since the 1990’s, with a particular emphasis on research into sustainable agriculture,  future economic trends, and on the issue of energy policy. He has also been a Cannabis-rights activist since 2009, and was Plaintiff in the landmark constitutional court Case which won the Section 14 Privacy rights for citizens to carry and cultivate and use Cannabis in private (Case 108/17CCT. ) 2. In this article, I will share with the public information which shall show that the legalization of Cannabis for its energy and material wealth potential is essential to avert an imminent and irreversible collapse of the global and national economy, and its consequences,  which shall occur as a result of the economic depletion of…

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