Cannabis Promoters

Do you want to be a cannabis promoter?

Become an Expert in the Growing Cannabis Industry! Are you passionate about cannabis and interested in being a part of the exciting and rapidly growing cannabis industry? Becoming a cannabis promoter could be the perfect career opportunity for you. As a cannabis promoter, you have the chance to contribute to the promotion and education surrounding this ever-evolving industry. Let’s explore what it means to be a cannabis promoter and how you can position yourself as an expert in this field.


Exploring the Fundamentals of Cannabis Packaging

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, so does the need for effective and compliant packaging solutions. Cannabis packaging plays a crucial role in preserving product quality, ensuring consumer safety, and adhering to strict regulatory requirements. In this article, we will delve into the fundamentals of cannabis packaging, discussing its importance, key considerations, and emerging trends in the field.

Eben Jansen DaggaParty

Green Gold can alleviate pain at the pumps

With global oil prices approaching $100/barrel and the world still emerging from the
Covid19 economic catastrophe, hopes for South Africa’s economic recovery look
extremely bleak. The knock-on effect will be rapid increases in foodstuffs, transport
and basic needs. As poverty and hunger deepen, the result will be an increase in
crime and social upheaval.

CBD oil

Some important facts about pet CBD oil

You might have already read about the magical effects of CBD on humans. CBD (cannabidiol), a chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis sativa plants, is non-psychoactive. It contains a lot of antioxidants and works effectively to control inflammations, anxiety, pain, irregular sleeping patterns on more. If you are a pet owner, it is quite natural for you to think, “can I give CBD to my pets?” Don’t worry; here, we have addressed some of the fundamental concerns that pet owners like you may have.