Municipal Elections 2021

A Summary of Policy Standpoints

  1. The Dagga Party promotes the legalisation of Cannabis for poverty alleviation and believes municipalities should be able to self regulate regarding Cannabis, Covid and other issues.
  2. We will motivate that Cape Town (and Knysna, Oudtshoorn, Plettenberg Bay) be declared a Section 235 Municipal Cannabis Homeland by a motion in Council.
  3. We will implement Municipal Energy Projects (biogas from sewerage, solar, wind) to get off ESKOM load-shedding.
  4. The Dagga Party opposes a mandatory Covid vaccine and vaccination ‘dompas‘ for access to services as an infringement on Constitutional rights.
  5. We will promote health and first aid against Covid, and entirely oppose the mandatory vaccine, lockdowns and medical apartheid in Dagga Party municipalities.
  6. We will address homelessness by the establishment of regulated, safe mini-home parks, with developmental support and security of tenure. .
  7. We will boost resources for job creation by the MASS CULTIVATION of Cannabis for industrial purposes using grey water at all municipal sewerage works for manufacture of value added products by local citizens. .
  8. We will prevent tender corruption by only allowing locals to tender for local projects.
  9. We believe genuine development and education of people is more effective in the long term than surveillance and policing, and we recognise the need to offer development opportunities and leadership coaching to Youth.
  10. We will promote and enable urban agriculture and biodiversity initiatives in all municipalities.

  11. People who vote for mainstream parties are wasting their vote. Look around, and see that nothing changed, but only got worse. Mainstream political parties do not offer Cannabis as a beneficial resource for development to the public,

  12. Only the Dagga Party promises an equitable. sustainable growth economy through the immediate legalisation of Cannabis in Dagga Party municipalities.

2021 Candidates