This year Experience 420: hosted the Garden Route’s first ever Cannabis Festival & Garden Route Cannabis Cup. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!  Jeremy Acton was one of the judges during the 4 day event hosted in the Western Cape by the Canna Club.

Jeremy Acton the founder of the The Dagga Party of South Africa (more commonly known as the Dagga Party) is a South African political party founded in February 2009.
The Dagga Party was established to allow voters who support the legalisation of dagga to have representation in elections.


Today we are with Jeremy Acton from the Dagga Party, Jeremy has been a passionate member of the community for a long time. He was there for the original trial of the plant. He formalized the Dagga Party as a process to get South Africa to be a better place for everyone.Marijuanasa.co.za

We’re speaking with Chris Jay of South Africa NORML and Jeremy Acton from the Dagga Party to discuss South Africa’s complicated cannabis policy. Could South Africa become for cannabis what chocolate is for Switzerland? Let us know what you think in the comments! Check out The Dagga Party on their website “daggaparty”!

The Constitutional Court has decriminalised the private use of cannabis. We cross back to the Constitutional Court where Mahlako Komane is.

Marc Emery is touring South Africa and met up with Jeremy Acton at a cannabis cafe in Cape Town, Ground Zero/Marleys Coffee. They smoke it up and talk about local South African cannabis.


Back to one of our lead story today, which is Constitutional judgment on the legality of the private use of dagga. We now cross back to our reporter, Mahlako Komane who is at the Constitutional Court.

The lines seem to be blurred between the Constitutional Court judgment on the use of cannabis and the policing thereof. Last month, the court ruled that the private use of cannabis, by adults, is permitted.

On this week’s #HotboxShow we’ll be joined from Cape Town by Jeremy David Acton, leader of Iqela Lentsango: The Dagga Party of South Africa for a long overdue catch up. We’ll be chatting about the ConCourt, Stays Of Prosecution and asking him for his take on the Dagga Party Facebook page being hacked.


Last week, the Western Cape High court ruled on a landmark case that will allow users of cannabis to legally cultivate and use it in their homes. The 66-page joint judgment of a full Bench of the court, penned by Judge Dennis Davis was welcomed by the Dagga Party and two other applicants. To talk about what this judgment means, we are joined from our Cape Town studio by Jeremy David Acton, leader of the Dagga Party and in our Durban studio we are joined by Dr. Anwar Jeewa, founder of the Minds Alive Wellness Centre.

Jeremy Acton’s Speech at Bongalong’s Cape Town Cannabis March 2017.


The Dagga Party applied this week to the high courts in Cape Town and in Pretoria for cannabis to be legalised as they say this could give the country’s economy a multibillion-rand boost. According to the Dagga Party the legalisation of cannabis in designated restaurants and bars will attract more tourists to the country. The party wants sections of the Drug and Drug Trafficking Act and of the Medicines and Related Substance Act to be amended so that cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes as this plant according to the party can be used in the treatment of different ailments. Joining us in our Cape Town studio this morning is Jeremy Acton, the leader of the Dagga Party.

We continue with reaction to the earlier ruling by the Constitutional Court, and we are now joined by Jeremy David Acton, he is the leader of the Dagga Party which has always been calling for the legalisation of dagga use.

2015 Dagga March Jeremy Acton Interview


One of South Africa’s newest political parties admits it made a hash of its election preparations. The Dagga Party failed to pay its deposit to contest in the May 7 elections.

Head of the Dagga party says smoking weed created a healthy lifestyle for him

‘n Aansoek om alle hangende dagga-verwante sake nasional te staak, is Vrydag by die Wes-Kaapse hooggeregshof ingedien.

Jeremy Acton, die applikant, het aangevoer hy bring die aansoek namens al die mense wat nie in staat is om self die hof te nader en ‘n soortgelyke aansoeke in te dien nie.


In preparation for the 2014 elections many parties are campaigning and gathering funds to have their place on the voter’s roll. EWN looks into one of the more unconventional parties aiming to register for SA’s national elections.